1. probike:

    Team #SKY, Jaguar vine in Turul Frantei cu un F-Type modificat pentru biciclete #asturiasbike

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  2. yesceleste:

    this is what I got

    This is what I want.

  3. Photo of my bike just before the rear mech broke..thankfully I was almost home!


  4. ging-ler:

    do you ever shave your legs but later you realise you missed a spot and its like


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  6. probike:

    Thomas Voeckler, Stage 13: Saint-Étienne > Chamrousse. Photo by Wei Yuet Wong

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  9. Col D’Izoard Real Time Descent | Tour De France 2014

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  10. santacruzcyclist:

    hey! you guys should submit pictures of your bikes! 

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