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    Pic: The ASO Hall of Shame 2014

    ASO Reveal Up to Date Blacklist of Riders Abusing Hotel Minibars

    In an act of desperation following a slew of complaints from team hotels along the route of the Tour de France, organisers ASO today published their blacklist compiling the worst offenders from all the teams and urged them to pay up or face stiff penalties.

    Jean-Etienne Amaury, President of ASO told senior reporter Ocelot Gruber:

    "This happens every year and we’re getting sick of having to allocate almost a fifth of our budget to cover the riders ripping the piss out of the hotel minibar.  

    Really, the teams should be held responsible but there seems to be an outdated loophole dating back to the days of the cafe raid that means the organisers pick up any outstanding bar tabs.  For example, Andy Schleck has disappeared owing almost 63,000 euros for pringles, vodka miniatures and bloody marys, and Fabian Cancellara managed to put away almost ten gallons of Babycham that can only be purchased in single-glass bottles.  C’est ridicule.  

    The only thing I can say is thank God Tom Boonen isn’t here this year; whenever we organise an event featuring both him at Sagan on the team roster we struggle to break even and normally have to pay to refit entire hotel suites because of the carnage that’s left.  

    Not only is it in economic issue however-we’ve had to add several products to the approved substances list because they’re found in popular hangover remedies and without them, we would lose half the peloton in the first week and be forced to endure the average race speed drop to 15km/h with regular stops at fast food emporiums.”

    Unsurprisingly, the worst offenders this year correspond exactly to the list of retired riders, so it’s clear that this tradition is doing nobody any favours, leading ASO to pay a bounty hunter to drive around in an unmarked Renault Espace, dubbed the ‘Voiture des Déchirés,’ searching for the culprits in the hope of forcing them to pay up. 

    Pic: Checking out-riders take advantage of disorganised hotels to rinse their minibars and fuck off without paying before they wise up.

    At time of current writing none of the riders have been apprehended or resurfaced, with rumours that several of them have clubbed together to go on an all-inclusive break at a Club-Med resort somewhere on Sardinia until it all blows over at the suggestion of unusually erratic sprinter Sacha Modolo, who himself has a bar tab more eclectic for the species of alcohol it contains than there are insects in a typical square kilometer of rainforest.

    Pic: Shitfaced-40 degree heat and stages superior to 240km are the real Pro-cyclist’s favoured moments to get some quality boozing done.

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  4. RACE DAY HAIR - that actually works!


    IMAGINE…You’re a sexy girl triathlete with locks of hair blowing majestically in the wind as you, glistening, run in the sun.  You “Bay Watch Style” flip your wet hair up and in slow motion, exit the ocean and head into T1.

    Okay, so we all know this doesn’t happen to any of us…

    We’re beasts on the course, but we’re beautiful ladies, too!  So, why can’t we look like a sexy beast ON the course?  I’ve made it my mission to look good during an Ironman.  IT IS POSSIBLE.  And, I’m here to share my TESTED triathlon race-day-hair with you!

    I have long hair.  It is down below my chest.  It is layered (meaning hello braiding problems). Therefore, come race day, I’ve always just done the single braid.  Yes, the single braid works, but that’s also why you’ll look like every other girl on the course.  EVERYONE does the single braid and let’s face it, not everyone looks awesome in a single braid.  It’s not a hairstyle you’d probably wear at any other time.  Plus, I am just over it.  So, I did my research and found lots of other options for us that are:

    • stylish
    • unique
    • and most importantly, can fit under a cap, be shoved under a helmet, and not fall apart on the run.

    Then, I wore these hairstyles in my training (swim, bike, running, and agility/crossfit training) and took a post workout photo of my hair.  The pictures below are of me testing all these hairstyles over the course of 2 weeks – through the BAD workouts and the good!  Now, I am posting the winning styles here for you!


                        BRAID #1 :  The Braided Mohawk


    For this style, french braid 2 or 3 tiny braids on each side of your head and secure with a clip, temporarily.  French braid one large braid down the middle, eventually working in your small braids into the main braid.

                       BRAID #2 :  The Fishtail Braid


    Split your hair into 2 even sections around the top of the back of your head.  Grab a small strand of hair from section 1 and move it to the outside of section 2.  Then, grab a small section from section 2 and move it to the outside of section 2.  Okay, so if it sounds confusing, here’s a tutorial on how to do a fishtail braid to help.

                        BRAID #3:  The Headband Braid to Buns


    I love this braid.  There’s so many different ways you can make a headband braid, too.  Basically, you start below the ear and take tiny sections to braid up over your head, ending at the back of your neck. Then, do two normal pigtail french braids all the way down into 2 twist buns.  This is my go to style.  I used to do it without the headband.

                       BRAID #4:  The Side Braid


    This style is just a cuter deviation from the single braid.  I part my hair on the side and start french braiding the side with the most hair.  Once it gets to the back of the head, I start pulling hair from the side with the least hair, pulling it around to the opposite side I started from.

                     BRAID # 5:  The Criss-Cross Braid


    Okay, this is best explained in the criss-cross braid tutorial where I learned it from.  But basically, you pigtail the french braid as normal.  Then,  when you get to the back of the head, you leave out two strands of hair.  You NEARLY finish your french pigtail braids, then go back to the small strands you left out and braid them all the way down.  You cross them and then use those strands to continue your french braid pigtails.

                      BRAID # 5: The Swirl Braid


    This is not 3 braids –  this is really only one braid!!  You first part your hair on the side.  Then, start on the side with the most hair and french braid it around in a circle (leaving hair to braid later from in the middle of your head) back up to the top of your head.  Continue STRAIGHT down and over the first part of that braid!

    Tips & Tricks

    • For layered hair:  end the braid sooner, so there’s more ponytail at the bottom.  I find it helps my hair stay intact better.
    • If the wet ponytail on your back gets annoying, try tying the remains into a bun.
    • All of these braids are done without hair clips or bobby pins.  Clips hurt under a helmet after 1 hour.  Trust me on this one.
    • Test race hair before the race, just like you would a new running shoe.  You have to make sure it’s comfortable for you!

    If you are around the LA area, A RUNNER’S CIRCLE will be having a race day hair clinic at their Hollywood store lead by myself and Kaitlin!  Check ARC’s Facebook and website for details soon!

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    Summer Trails from the West.

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    A few new clips from my new edit! Hop y’all like!

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    Mash Monday